Lentils are nutritious legumes, high in protein and delicious, served in a great variety of ways - soup, side dish or in a salad. I prefer the tiny French vertes du Puy for this salad.

    2 cups of lentils, soaked for about 5 minutes in water to cover
    8 cups of salted boiling water in large pot

    Cook the lentils until tender (about 15 minutes)
    Drain and toss with the following dressing:

    cup olive oil
    3Tbs fresh lemon juice
    3Tbs balsamic vinegar (if using other vinegars, increase the amount)
    3Tbs minced shallots
    3Tbs minced garlic
    cup finely shopped parsley
    salt & pepper to taste

    Prepare greens (lettuce, arugula. Dandelion )
    Wash and dry and place in a large bowl
    Add the dressed lentils, toss and serve