My sister, Judy is always experimenting with recipes. She was thrilled with the sweetness of the shallots and the crunchiness of the shoestring parsnips.

    One large bunch of arugula
    One to two pounds of parsnips, cut into shoe strings
    One pound of shallots
    2 Tbspoons olive oil
    cup of water
    Vinaigrette dressing

    Wash, drain and dry arugula
    Roast the shoe string slices of parsnips in the oven with the 2 Tbsp olive oil
    Simmer the shallots in the water (partially cover the pan) for about 30 minutes
    Until the shallots are soft and caramelized

    When the parsnips are crispy and golden and the shallots are cooked and caramelized in their own juices, it is time to assemble your salad.

    Toss all of the ingredients together
    Add the vinaigrette dressing and additional salt & pepper if needed