You can add and subtract to this sensational breakfast or brunch feature and not go wrong. Potatoes - home fries or roasted with garlic and ginger are marvelous. Guacamole or just sliced avocado adds a color and taste component. Salsa can be really hot or very mild, it's all matters of choice.

    Make or buy soft tortillas (corn or wheat flour)
    Make or buy salsa (tomato, onion, garlic, peppers chopped)
    Have beans warmed and seasoned with cumin, chili powder or other seasoning (canned or dried, soaked overnight and cooked)
    Shred cheese (jack, cheddar or a combination)
    Have eggs ready to be poached, fried or scrambled

    Warm tortillas on a baking sheet in a 425 oven (cover with foil to keep them soft)
    Place tortilla on plate
    Add beans
    Add salsa
    Top with cooked egg
    Add cheese
    Serve or place in warm oven for a few minutes and then serve