My wonderful daughter in law, Tiernan, born and bred in Dallas, Texas is our resident expert grits maker. We first experienced the most delicious grits at the wedding luncheon for Kieran and Tiernan (what a tongue twister) at the home of Mary Ann and Alan Lassiter in Dallas. Grits by themselves are not all that rich but as you add the necessary components, the calories mount up. Why grits is plural, I cannot imagine, after all, it's corn meal we're using.

    2 cups water
    cup grits (Corn Meal)
    4 ounces of jack, cheddar or other cheese
    *cream or milk
    *chilli peppers or hot pepper flakes
    *Tabasco or other hot sauce

    As is evident, the extras outnumber the essentials, but hey, that's Texas.

    In rapidly boiling water, add grits gradually
    Cover pan and maintain heat at medium
    Cook for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally

    Add cheese, butter, cream if you are using them, at this time
    Add chili peppers
    Continue to cook for a minute or two.


    Individuals will add their own hot sauce, salt & pepper to taste.