A lovely surprise, particularly in winter is a green salad that sports a warm vegetable, like fried eggplant. While it is acceptable to salt the eggplant allowing it to release its brown juice for an hour or so, I prefer allowing the eggplant to remain salted and under weights for a longer period - over night or for several hours. When sautéing or frying the eggplant, make sure the vegetable oil is very hot so that the eggplant will not absorb much oil. Olive oil cannot reach a very high temperature, so other vegetable oils are better for frying. Assemble the salad at the last minute so that each ingredient keeps its own texture.

    For four people:
    Using long skinny eggplants, try to allow about four slices for each salad
    Vegetable oil for frying
    Sufficient lettuce leaves for four, washed, drained and spun dry
    ¼ cup of pine nuts for sprinkling on top of the salad
    ¼ cup of pitted olives

    1 cup of vinaigrette dressing with sun dried tomatoes:
    2/3 cup of olive oil
    1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar
    4 sun dried tomatoes
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Toss greens with vinaigrette dressing and place on individual plates Top with fried eggplant, pine nuts and olives