Whether for sweet or savory, this is a good basic recipe for crepes. I like this recipe for a take on scallion pancakes you can get at Asian restaurants.

    1 cup of white flour
    1 cup of milk (skim makes a crispier crepe)
    cup of water
    3 medium sized eggs
    2 Tablespoons butter (for sweet crepes) or olive oil (for savory)

    Place all ingredients into a blender until smooth
    Let batter rest in refrigerator for about an hour.

    Have skillet hot Place small amount of butter on skillet
    Pour desired amount of batter and rotate pan
    The first crepe is usually a throw away, the rest should be just great.
    Turn crepe when bottom side is golden
    Flip crepe onto a plate and stack or fold into quarters

    Savory choices:
    Scallion : Add scallions to batter just before making the crepes. Have a dipping sauce like soy sauce with finely chopped ginger and garlic.